Studio”Yoga Mandala” exists since2007 and was created to provide safe and sacred space for spiritual practices. We do not limit ourselves to a specific path or guru teaching, but rather follow the Universal laws and principles which are common to all people in all times.We are open as for the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient times,also for the new energies and information that are valid for that particular time in which we live-HERE and NOW!

After we’ve served for seven years the personal transformation of all the wonderful souls that crossed our doors, we feel it is time for change. It is a very natural step in our evolution, which will enable us to expand along with the universe. This change is associated with moving to a new, much larger area, which we call Center for total transformation.

We all face the challenges of this world and every day we learn here on Earth. Often we are trapped in our own mistrust and criticism that are factors for suffering. At Mandala we respect the personal drama of everyone, but we think there are many more pleasant ways to spend our time on Earth. Therefore in the expanded Center we will offer a range of therapies, energy healing, homeopathy, yoga, breathing techniques, dermatology, consultations on healthy diet, vegetarian restaurant, psychotherapy, conscious entertainment, musical events, art and other activities that contribute to our development as conscious Co -Creators.

We believe in the unlimited human potential and we see everyone as already fully realized being. This helps us in building this safe and harmonious space, where everyone is allowed to be oneself without criticism and competition.

The new location of Mandala is more central than the current one, in downtown of Sofia, at 58 Maria Luisa blvd, next to the metro station.The Center occupies an area of​​600 square meters spread on the last three floors of a newly reconstructed building which was awarded Building of the Year2013 in Architecture monuments section.The combination of classical façade and modern interior also emphasizes the fusion of ancient and modern times, which embrace in perfect harmony.This makes the Center a place to conduct a wide range of workshops and events for spiritual and personal development.

We offer:
  • Yoga – different styles:
    • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
    • Ashtanga yoga
    • Hatha yoga
    • Prenatal yoga
    • Yoga for kids
    • Yin&Yang yoga
    • Restorative yoga
    • Kundalini yoga
    • Acro yoga
    • Aero yoga
    • Classical yoga
  • MEditations
  • Oriental dance
  • Drum circle
  • Massages
    • Yumeiho & Dzen Thai Shiatsu therapies
    • Thai massage
    • Classical massage
    • Prenatal massage
    • Sports massage
    • Shiatsu therapy
    • Relax massage
    • Chakra massage with hot stones
  • Numerology
  • Reiki sessions
  • Ayurveda consultations
  • Om healing sessions
  • Homeopathy
  • Group regressions
  • Bach remedies
  • Detox programs and intoxication programs
  • Cosmetics
  • Family and company constelations
  • Psihologist
  • Integral breath
  • Soundhealing
  • Lections and seminars for healthy living
  • Astrology
Center has:
  • 3 halls for practices and seminars
    • Hall Yin – 80 sqm
    • Hall Yang – 85 sqm
    • Hall Mandala – 130 sqm
  • 2 changing rooms – male and female with showers
  • 4 WC
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge zone (4th floor) – 35 sqm
  • Lounge zone and cafe (5th floor) – 50 sqm
  • Reception – 8 sqm
  • 3 cabinets – 2 х 10 sqm and 1 x 15 sqm
  • 4 theracies – 142 sqm in total