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Date(s) - 23/09/2018
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Център за цялостна трансформация Мандала

Запазване на място

Моля попълнете името, телефона и имейла си, за да имаме връзка с вас при някаква промяна в събитието. Ако сте с карта Мултиспорт и в събитието изрично пише, че картата ви важи, моля посочете като коментар. Ако записвате и други хора, оставете в коментар двете им имена.

Запазването на място онлайн е спряно. Моля обадете са на 0894 488 809 и проверете за свободни места.

The anual cycle on Earth is composed of eight cosmic portals, four that correspond to the Sun and four that correspond to the Moon. The health of our organic systems is intrinsically linked to the movements of the Earth and the Universe, since we are composed of the same compounds.

In each of these encounters we met to have diverse activities that allow us to feel, clean, listen, reassure, motivate, strengthen, expand and share our self and spirit between parents and their childrens.

After a brief welcome opening, we start with a Yoga session to connect with our vital source of life thru breath, continue with an Art activity align with our creativity, creation and innovation that it’s link with eco bio sustainable manual activity reconnect us with earth consciousness.Then all together we create a space to cook delicious, nutrishius and organic raw recipes. Will fllow with a sacred circle dance session to flow thru world wide music songs, movements and rhythm, and continue with a deep healing session thru sound and self voice. Finally, we have a guided meditation to help us to find awareness, congruence and correspondence with the energy of the portal of the Earth, then receive the blessings and strength of the portal.


Become a spiritual holistic community of parents and children that gather to celebrate Life in joy, awareness, love and gratitude. The objective of these meetings is to find a current of peace that cleanses our body and spirit. By inviting peace and equanimity to our interior, we make everything that does not resonate with that vibration arise to the surface, being in this way that we transmute it into healing.



Sunday, September 23rd

11 am till 5 pm


Adults 40 leva

Kids 20 leva


Only the first son/daughter pay fee.


Mandala Center

Alaia Kesari Lovick forges her spirit thru the world of sword and fencing since childhood. She had been represented Mexico for over 20 years winning several national and international titles. She has several studies on Shamanism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native Indigenous Wisdom, Tantra, Buddhism Bon, and Crystal Healing. She’s coaching on Numerology, Astrology, Mayan Calendar and Oracle Systems. Alaia give private fencing training, sacred circle dance workshops, healing crystal therapy and leads spiritual journeys on Mexico and Peru. She settle in Bulgaria with her daughter to promote Inspiritu Fest with families and holistic community.