Where can I check the schedule of Mandala?</p> <p>

The schedule of the Center, which is located on 58 Maria Luiza blvd, Sofia, can be checked here

Where Mandala hall is located?</p> <p>

All of the halls – Mandala, Yin and Yang are located at Mandala transformation Center in Sofia, at 58 Maria Luiza blvd

Where Yin hall is located?

All of the halls – Mandala, Yin and Yang are located at Mandala transformation Center in Sofia, at 58 Maria Luiza blvd

Where Yang hall is located?

All of the halls – Mandala, Yin and Yang are located at Mandala transformation Center in Sofia, at 58 Maria Luiza blvd

</p> <p>Do I need to pre-book classes in which I want to participate?</p> <p>

You do not need to pre-book classes. It is preferable that you come at least 10 min in advance so you can have enough time to prepare for the class. Some Yoga classes such as aero yoga require pre-booking. Therapies and consultations are prior to pre-booking via phone or e-mail.

</p> <p>How can I book therapy or consultation?</p> <p>

Booking of the therapies and consultations can be made on the phone – 0894488802, on e-mail (info@yogamandala.net) or in place at the Center

</p> <p>What is the appropriate clothing during classes?</p> <p>

During classes you are supposed to be barefoot. You only need some comfortable sport clothing which is not too large but also which is not limiting your movements. If you do not have suitable clothing, you can purchase such in the Center – the products of OMNITOM – specialist in yoga wear. You can find more details at : www.omnitom.com

</p> <p>Do I need to bring my yoga mat?</p> <p>

It is better to use your personal yoga mat. But if you do not have one you can use those provided by the Center for free. Or you can purchase one in our store.

</p> <p>Is it ok if I eat before yoga classes?</p> <p>

It is preferable that you do not consume food at least 2 hours before yoga classes. This will prevent you from being sleepy and will help you feel your body lighter. This helps you to go deeper into the practice physically and emotionally.

</p> <p>I have never practiced yoga. Which yoga should I choose? What is the appropriate level for me ?</p> <p>

If you have never practiced yoga it will be better for you to choose beginners classes or yoga for everyone classes. These classes are marked with an asterisk (*) next to the class name.

</p> <p>Can I practice yoga during my monthly period?</p> <p>

If you feel comfortable to practice in your monthly period it is ok to practice yoga. It is preferable that you do not practice reverse poses.

</p> <p>Can I practice yoga if I have health problems?</p> <p>

If you have health problems it is preferable that you first contact your GP. When you come to the Center, please, discuss with the teacher your health issues. He will give you advices what is good for you and which poses to avoid.

</p> <p>Is meditation suitable for everyone?</p> <p>

Yes it is. During meditation you relax your body and mind. The practice is suitable for people with active life style. If you do not manage to follow the teacher at least you will have the chance to relax physically, mentally and emotionally.


</p> <p>Will yoga help me loose weight?</p> <p>

The main purpose of yoga is not to loose weight, but its regular practice (at least two times a week) will improve your metabolism. Intensive practices (such as Ashtanga or Yang yoga) will help you burn more calories. Yoga helps to sculpt your body and muscles. To witness even better results it is important to combine yoga with healthy food and living.

</p> <p>Why should I practice yoga if I am not flexible?</p> <p>

Yoga helps us make our body more flexible, spindle our muscles, heathen our body. Yoga is not only physical. It makes our mind more flexible and more calm.

</p> <p>How many times should I practice yoga weekly?</p> <p>

The best is to practice yoga at least two times a week to feel the positive effect. Yoga balances our body and soul and calms us. If possible you can practice yoga on a daily basis.

</p> <p>Should I be vegetarian to practice yoga?</p> <p>

It is not imperative to become vegetarian to practice yoga. After some practices you will feel which foods are suitable for you and you will choose them. This depends on each person.

</p> <p>Is it normal that my body and muscles shiver after the practice?</p> <p>

Yes it is possible as the energy is activated. It is possible that the muscles are loaded and you can have muscle fatigue on the next day.

</p> <p>Will yoga help me reduce the stress?</p> <p>

Yoga helps calm the mind and as such to release the stress. It is good if you can have at least two yoga practices per week to be stress-less for longer period.

</p> <p>Do men practice yoga?</p> <p>

Of course! Yoga was born as mind and body practice and was performed only by men. During the years women were admitted.

</p> <p>Why do we need to relax at the end of yoga classes?</p> <p>

The aim of the relaxation is to calm the muscles, the body and the mind, to give you a well deserved rest on a physical and mental level. It is not obligatory to stay during the relaxation, but it is recommended to do so as this will help balance your emotional and energetic body.

</p> <p>Why are the teachers correcting us in the poses?</p> <p>

Teachers are not correcting you. Their aim is to help you go deeper in the posture and to help your body have better anatomic position so that you don`t receive injuries or energy blocking.

</p> <p>If I am religious can I practice yoga?</p> <p>

Yoga is not a religion. Of course due to the influence of different culture such as Hinduism and Buddhism there are mentions of different gods, which statues can be found in the Center, but yoga helps us to find our path to self-knowledge.