Founder of Mandala, teaches prana flow yoga, acro yoga, crystal therapy, OM healing and leading ceremonies

Theodora (Ananda Devi) overtakes the yoga path in 2002 in London and since then her continuing strong attraction to the knowledge of conscious living meets her with different world masters, each leaving a trace in her heart and assisting her in forming her unique style of teaching. Her interest and inclination into meditation makes her meet with incredible channels such as Solara An Ra ​​and Harry Baba and receives initiations in the ancient tantric techniques and activations in multidimensional spaces, learning to channel the energies of the higher dimensions that guide her during her meditations. Her classes are a magical blending of yoga, meditation, pranayama, work with crystals and sound, mudras and universal wisdom, presented in a light but provocative way.

Devi has studied yoga and meditation techniques in Nepal, Bhutan, Bali, USA and many other places in the world which forms her ability to meet the East and the West in her classes. With her flow practices you will feel the movement of prana energy in your body in a smooth but powerful way that will help you brainstorm with a flourish and without fear, expressing yourself and totally uninhibited. She has completed 200 hours training with Shiva Rea for teachers and has assisted senior prana flow yoga teachers everywhere in the world.