Prana Vinyasa Flow yoga is developed by world renowed teacher Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective teachers. Its philosophy is based on teachings of Krishnamacharya and other ancient traditions such as Tantra, Ayurveda and Bhakti yoga. Prana VInyasa Flow stimulates the awakening of the flow of Prana Shakti within our bodies. Vinyasa flow yoga is an evolutionary form of the traditional Hatha yoga, whose focus is on synchronizing movement, breath and consciousness. The Vinyasa practice, or the synchronizing of postures and breathing in a flowing manner, is a technique that brings movement to the yoga postures. It is a dynamic and strong practice, suitable for people who have an active way of life.
Vinyasa Flow allows self-expression and is therefore recommended for people who would like to express or further develop their creativity, as well as people who love to dance. It is a dynamic, but flowing style of yoga, synchronizing breath and movement in order to achieve strength, grace and freedom. Vinyasa makes connections between the poses that are structured in a natural way. It opens one asana and connects to another asana from the same family. Suriya Namaskar or the Sun Salutation is one of the basic examples of Vinyasa.
In the Vinyasa practice movement is the more important part. Beginners learn to move their bodies with awareness. Advancing in the practice one learns breathe consciously in Udjai pranajama (a manner of breathing that forgets about the heartbeat and activates the psychological qualities of consciousness), which can take months of practicing before mastering it. Gradually your yoga practice becomes smooth and flowing. Of course, every one moves in his/her own tempo, in his/her own unique way. Vinyasa can become a micro cosmos of consciousness in movement, as it frees us of subconscious stress and suppressed emotions we keep deep inside ourselves.